Saturday, February 8, 2014

Darrin Bradbury NEW LP True Love

Darrin Bradbury and Cameron Carrus

Last month I had a chat with Darrin Bradbury about past, present and future, well the future is here, he teams up with Cameron Carrus and featuring Jordon Levinson on backup vocals. His new release 'True Love' available on bandcamp on Valentines Day of course. You can hear the influences of the great storytelling troubadours, Pete Seeger, Woody Gunthrie, Townes Van Zant and Bob Dylan in Darrin's song writing, witty and poignant his stories are 21st Century social commentary. 

2. True Love
3. Life is Hard
4. Bob Newhart
5. A Casual Conversation w/Superman
6. True Love (Part Two)
7. Spilled Years
8. Mostly Miss and a Hit Kinda Town
9.Blue Highways

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