Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lily & The Parlour Tricks NEW Single Requiem

Brooklyn's Lily and the Parlour Tricks light up any space they find themselves in, spunky, funky and fun.
Lily’s songwriting influences range from The Andrews Sisters to Nine Inch Nails, with heavy doses of millennial pop and early rock n’ roll.
“‘I will write you a requiem’ was a phrase that had been rattling around my head for a while,” said Lily Claire. “I had been thinking about the way we—me, you, anyone—come to terms with the expiration of a relationship. The period of mourning can be so dramatic even if the ending itself is anticlimactic. I had tried the line in a few different places but nothing felt quite right until I wrote that bass line on the piano.”

Catch them 03.01.2014 at Rockwood Music Hall Stage II
196 Allen Street, New York, NY 9:30pm

Lily & The Parlour Tricks performing 'Made For Radio' on BalconyTV May 2013

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