Sunday, February 2, 2014

Red Eye Gravy - Dust Bowl Hangover

Time to make way for a new sound in a ever changing music scene. “Oklahoma Cowpunk” as title and penned from front man and songwriter The Dirty Okie. So what is Oklahoma CowPunk? It’s a wonderful blend of classic outlaw country and the punk edge of rock & roll that is targeted to wide range of listeners. A sound infused with gritty melodic guitar, swinging upright bass, in your face and down to your soul drums and song lyrics that paint the stories of the world we live in.

Red Eye Gravy is proud to announce the release of their sophomore album 'Dust Bowl Hangover' on March 4th, 2014. The album was two years in the making and was recorded in historic downtown Tahlequah, OK at Monotone Sound Studios with engineer/producer Aaron Pack. DBH will again solidify the band as one of Oklahoma’s best kept secrets and launch them further into the depths of the gritty underground country scene that has emerged across the US.

The first single “Lonely Boy” embodies the entire theme of DBH with a fierce rhetoric of never learning from our mistakes and that the poor man is still feeling the nation’s wrath of stupidity. The album will take you through a story of reflection and confinement to our redundant ways from The Great Depression into the Great Recession. DBH consists of songs filled with pride for living in an unmaterialistic simple life and stabs at the fat cats of modern day society. The album also gives homage to times of past with their own take on gun fighter ballads and the theme of a rock opera from song to song.
1. Dust Bowl
2. Lonely Boy

3. Crackhead Lullaby
4. Hard Livin' (Comes Easy To Me)
5. Give Down The Country
6. Poor Man's Prayer

7. Take Me Back
8. All The Marijuana
9. I Wanna Go Home

10. Ain't No Grave
11. Never Thought It Could Be
12. Oklahoma Girls

13. Riverbed
14. Swingin' From A Rope

15. Pistol
16. Hangover  

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