Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Swinging Rock and Roll - Kansas Bible Company

Jake Miller - Michael Ruth - Jeff Yoder -Nathan Morrow
Nate Klink- Luke Yoder - Jacob Yagu Martin - Isaac Lederach
James Green- Jake Snyder - Charles Frederick

Nashville-based Kansas Bible Company is neither from Kansas nor a Bible company, they are 11 guys mixing brass, percussion and strings and putting a big sound swing and a soulful wallop into rock and roll.  Made up of a 5-piece horn section, three guitarists, two percussionists, and a bass player. They formed at Goshen College in Northern Indiana in the summer 2008 and grew into the assemblage they are now, in 2011 they moved to Nashville and now cohabitate a formerly delipidated boarding home they converted into a living space known as the Hotel Chicaumauga. 
Update: Their new album Hotel Chicaumauga released yesterday Nov. 17th Get it!

KBC has released one full-length album title "Ad Astra Per Aspera" (April 2011) released on CD and digital download and a surf-themed EP titled "The Surf Rock Trilogy" (May 2011) released on tape and digital download for free below.  Both were recorded and produced by the band itself.  The latest album "Hotel Chicamauga" has been released on Nov. 17th 

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