Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Beautiful Sunrise - Tipi Valley

Coming quick on the heels of his June debut LP release  'In The Woods' UK singer/songwriter Ed Toft AKA Tipi Valley drops an Ep of fuzzy psych flavored 60's groovyness 'Beautiful Sunrise'
Starting with 'Light Up My Life' and it's raw lo-fi sliding geetar riffs and resonating vocals, you are transported to the heyday of garage music.
'Needle For Your Love' blasts off like a Rock and Roll anthem with it's steady beat, rambunctious riffs and sing-along chorus. 
'When I'm Stoned' with it's Neil Youngish guitar work, stage jam feel and laid back and toke vocals is definitely my favorite on the EP. 
Closing it out is 'Worn Out Lies' with a Richie Havens paced acoustic guitar strum and hypnotic vocals.

And again a shout out to Joe Wolfe-Mazeres over at Ear to the Ground  for bringing Tipi Valley to my attention.
Available as a Free download get it!released 06 October 2012

Written, recorded and produced by Ed Toft

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