Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ruby The Hatchet New Album 'Ouroboros'

Ruby The Hatchet are: Jillian Taylor: Vocals, John Scarperia: Guitar, Mike Parise: Bass, Owen Stewart: Drums,Vocals

Listen -purchase name your own price and the money gets donated to hurricane sandy relief.
Jersey's primal psych/blues four piece outfit Ruby The Hatchet's long awaited debut album 'Ouroboro' drops 10/30/2012 on their Bandcamp page recorded and mixed primarily analog, using mostly equipment made before 1978. Back in July they Streamed it for a week, and if you caught it you are probably as excited as I am for this release. Long before Elin Larsson of Blues Pills was on the scene, Jillian Taylor was bringing raw, emotional belt it out bluesified vocals backed by heavy percussion and wailing riffs to those of us fortunate enough to live in the Tri-State area. Though there are hints of Grace Slick and Janis Joplin, her voice is unique and fresh and the band is tighter than a 55 gallon drum yet sound like they are just improvising in a garage in Haight Ashbury, the fact that the world doesn't know about them is a crying shame.

Jillian Taylor, a native of Asbury Park, NJ, filmed a short video about the band’s contribution for Rebuild Recover, which you can view below.

Check out the just released video premiere for 'Black Tongue'

The song 'Black Tongue' is still available for free download

Couchalotists will remember them from their spectacular Couch By Couchwest performance.

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