Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Release form Bluejay - Mercury

The Bluejay band lineup is an organic beast that varies with location and availability of musicians. One constant collaborator is cellist and multi-instrumentalist Oscar Quesada.
Jay Thomas (acoustic guitar, vocals); Oscar Quesada (cello, synth/keys, percussion); Chris Wilkey (electric guitar, piano, percussion); Toni Lynn (electric bass, percussion); Jared Smith (drums); & Will Cole (drums).

Formed in Tallahassee in 2009, the city dubbed Bluejay “Soul-Pop”, referencing Jay's soulful voice, and a combination of pop, folk, and progressive song structures, with a mash-up of genre flavors including R&B, Reggae, and Alternative.

Two year Couch by Couchwest alumni Jay Thomas and his merry pranksters 'Bluejay' have just released their sophomore album. Mercury explores a musical string theory, the instrument's occupy a multi-dimensional space each it's own, weaved together and anchored securely by the gravitational pull of Jay's vocals and lyrical authenticity and kinetic energy, adding the extra dimensions required for it all to exist in a cohesive form. From the soulful lamentations of Burnin' Soul to the catchy 2 For 1, this is a beautifully crafted album.

Produced by Chris Wilkey, Oscar Quesada, Jay Thomas
Recorded at Sweet Tea in Oxford, MS
Photography by HANS
Graphic Design by Peter Koenig

2010's 'Goblins' is available digitally as a free download.

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