Friday, January 2, 2015

Strange Majik releases a masterpeice with his debut LP Lights On

Strange Magik aka NYC blues icon David Pattillo unleashes a masterpeice of unbriddled passion with his debut release 'Lights On'. A soulful trip with a mixture of rap, R&B and a good old rock and roll foundation. Strange has something to say and he's gathered some amazing NYC talent around him to pull off something new and refreshing. Like a breath of fresh air in turbulent skys, the songs are astute to our times
Featuring Felipe TorresMélanie J-b CharlesLaToya KennedyMC Elijah BlackPhaseone YeahChris GaskellRebecca MartosValerie Rue, and Fiona Silver. A year in the works and we've had glimpse's of the majik to come via soundcloud singles, the full product offical release date January 21st. Listen NOW and it will OCCUPY a place in your music collection 

MC: Elijah Black (Livin' It/Daddy's Shoes) 

MC: Phase One (Lights On) 
Vocals: Melanie Charles (Lights On/What's It To Ya) 
Vocals: Kennedy (Workingman) 
Vocals: Fiona Silver (Love That I Got) 
Vocals: Valerie Broussard (Love Will FInd U) 
Backing Vocals: Rebecca Martos (Diggin' On The Higgs) 
Chain Gang: LA Jeff (Workingman) 
Bass: Chris Gaskell (Diggin' On The Higgs) 
Drums and Percussion: Felipe Torres 
Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys, Treatments: D. Pattillo aka Strange Majik 

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