Friday, January 23, 2015

LISTEN> first single "Victoria." from Tamara Williamson's upcoming solo album - Sister Mother Daughter Wife

'Sister Mother Daughter Wife' will be Tamara Williamson's first album in four years and eighth full length as a solo artist.
Each song in the collection is a story about a different women with their own unique story to tell.
The album that I have undertaken is about women survivors from around the world. Each song is written about a specific person who has overcome a situation that has compromised her rights as a human being. In August this year, after listening to a documentary on Victoria Montenegro, I sat down and wrote the first song on this recording. Victoria Montenegro was a disappeared child taken at birth by the Argentine military and raised as someone else. At the age of 21 she discovered the truth. All proceeds from this recording with go to Amnesty International.
The second song is dedicated to Anuradha Koirala.
Anuradha Koirala has created a foundation in Nepal that provides a safe haven for victims of sex slavery, domestic violence, child labour and child prostitution. One of her greatest hopes is that we can embrace victims of sex trafficking and treat every girl as if she were our own daughter. Her words inspired this song. I have chosen a number of stories of women who have undergone injustice and are fighting back in the hope of changing the conditions from which their hardships arose.
During the last three months I have researched and written six such songs. I hope that by lending these women my voice I will be giving them another avenue to bring awareness to their cause.

Listen to the beautifly haunting story of' 'Victoria'
At the age of twenty Victoria found out that the parents who had raised her were not her family, and had been responsible for her abduction as a baby. After many years of searching Victoria found that her father had been a victim of the “death flight’s” where thousands of young Argentinian citizen’s were thrown alive from planes into the Atlantic Ocean. Her mothers body has never been recovered.
All the money from the digital sale of this recording will go to Amnesty International.

Tamara Williamson has been a mainstay in the Toronto music scene since the early 90’s.
Foregoing a career in Opera, Tamara’s musical sensibilities began to blossom in a series of small,
independent bands she formed in London before relocating to Toronto in 1991. In 1993 her band
Mrs. Torrance and was signed with the major label BMG Canada. They released two full-length
albums and an EP before disbanding in 1998 the band toured extensively, supporting the likes of
Jewel and Oasis. Tamara sang with the Rheostatics on many occasions including Maple Leaf Garden's opening for the Tragically Hip. In 2000 Tamara produced and released her first solo recording “Nightmare on Queen Street” The song Rope from this record was in rotation on Much Music and Tamara was featured on “The New Music” television program. Since then Tamara has produced album’s for other artist such as Rachel Smith and Barzin, she has fronted a trip-hop band called Microbunny and toured playing guitar and singing with King Cobb Stealie. Over the years Tamara has written and recorded seven more alums released in Canada and Europe. She has been a guest on "les femmes s'en mĂȘlent"” tour in France twice with Feist and Shannon Wright and been recorded for the Black session’s on French commercial radio. Tamara was dubbed the “God Mother of Indie” by Eye magazine in 2002 and In 1999 NOW Magazine voted Tamara Williamson fourth best concert of the year just after Bjork and before GreenDay.

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