Friday, January 23, 2015

Big Daddy Love - This Time Around

Jenny L. Viars/Dancing Lemur Photography
Big Daddy Love is, from left: Brian Swenk (banjo), Joseph Recchio (guitar, vocals), Scott Moss (vocals, guitar), Ashley Sutton (bass) and Scotty Lewis (drums).

Big Daddy Love has been around in one incarnation or another since 2009, touring the bar and venue circuit and creeping steadily into festival line ups across the nation. The band recently signed with Blue Mountain Artists in Charlotte and with Micah Davidson and Hugh Southard in their corner, Big Daddy Love expects to conquer the bigger festival and tour markets in 2015.
The new record, This Time Around, features Scott Moss (guitar and vocals) and Scotty Lewis (drums), the newest members of Big Daddy Love.
“Scott and Scotty joined us in 2012, “ says Swenk. “We had already locked into our style and sound by then, but them coming on board really kicked everything into a higher gear and gave us an extra “punch” in our sound.”
Big Daddy Love refers to its intoxicating musical mixture as Appalachian Rock, a sort of catch all phrase to describe its spirited foray into every style imaginable. There’s a blush of bluegrass, a smattering of soul and then there’s the high lonesome whine of an Allmanesque slide guitar. Big Daddy Love has a bold, intrepid spirit woven through their tunes; it’s a mish mash of styles that fits them perfectly. Moss said the band wanted to showcase their varying styles and the talent of each member on this new release.
“We wanted it to be a cross-section … wanted it to sound like an album and not just a collection of songs, As a band, we’re probably at the point where we need to be putting out an album every 18 months or so,” Moss said. 
“I think we’ve all had experiences where bringing different styles together comes easily or it just doesn’t flow,” admits banjo player Brian Swenk. “Fortunately, for this group of guys it comes very easily.  We could feel it in the very beginning and it’s one of the biggest reasons we’ve been able to go as far as we have with our sound.” 

Jan 23 Big Daddy Love @ Hill Country BBQ Washington DC
Jan 24 Big Daddy Love @ The Willow Tree w/Red Dirt Revelators and Band of Opportunity Johnson City, TN
Feb 20 Big Daddy Love @ Pisgah Brewing Black Mountain, NC
Feb 21 Big Daddy Love @ The Double Door Inn Charlotte, NC
Feb 27 Big Daddy Love @ The Fat Frogg Elon, NC
Feb 28 Big Daddy Love @ The Camel Richmond, VA
Mar 21 Big Daddy Love @ Brackett Cedar Park, Lawndale, NC
Mar 27 Big Daddy Love @ Blue Bourbon Jacks High Point, NC

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