Monday, September 22, 2014

Two Mule Blues - NEW Album Old Vinyl and Innocence

Taggart Isaac - Guitar,vocals
Garrett Bona - Guitar ,vocals
Ben Isaac - Bass
Greg Rosenlund - Drums

Had they been around, Couch By Couchwest stalwarts, Two Mule Blues would have been filmmaker John Ford's house band during his filming in Monument Valley, thick, dusty and rugged as the enviroment they come from they'd be the outlaws to John Wayne's good guy. Solid hard hitting rockers, TMB pack big sky thunderclaps into thier music. Ford, Wayne, Ward Bond sitting around drinking and playing cards as big rock ballads fill the air and whiskey and beer flow while extras are milling aound in Calvery and Headdress costumes, suddenly the Duke stands up and says "Garret play Happy Valley Blues one more time then let's go blow up some fuckin' shit."

Track List 
Better Than Being Alone
Happy Valley Blues
Moments Fade
Old Vinyl And Innocence
Told You Not To Fall In Love
Heaven At My Feet
Something Worse

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