Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Listen> The Harmonica Lewinskies NEW Single Put Your Mouth On Me

“Put Your Mouth On Me” highlights The Harmonica Lewinskies two main influences. They mix the blues-rock sounds from The Rolling Stones with a classic punk inspiration from Iggy Pop. Those two sounds, combined with the group’s hilarious, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, come together for a unique listening experience.
The Harmonica Lewinskies are an eight-piece jazz-funk band the group is international, with members from Australia and the U.S. Their mix of sounds is what makes the band unique, with a style that’s just as memorable as their name. They have been together for five years.

Thier second album Dad Rock is slated for release on Sept. 23. Their first album was 2012’s Octopus Wall Street, which was followed by Salad Days in 2013.

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