Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Woodsman EP Teleseparation + European Tour Dates

Teleseparation EP is a companion piece to the self titled "Woodsman" LP released earlier this year. A long form stream of consciousness broken into 4 parts which the last track on that album was excerpted from. A glimpse into the recording process for the true zoners out there in this big world.

Here's a little info on the EP
" The last track on our self titled album from earlier this year was a composition we pulled from a much longer studio take. One way Woodsman approaches recording is to set up live and start playing with no preconceived notions of where we’re headed or where we might end up. It’s an exercise in chance and trust and really allows us to get out of our heads for a bit. That track “Teleseparation” was the distillation of a 30 minute jam that was excerpted and overdubbed on top of. This EP works as a companion piece to the record and lays out that entire 30 minute jam in 4 parts, no overdubs. If you listen to the EP then the more concise track back to back, you can really get a glimpse into the creative process. The EP is special in another way too because it marks the last time all four original members were in the studio together."


Sept. 17 - Brussels, BE @ Madame Moustache - TIX HERE
Sept. 18 - Eindhoven, NL @ Cafe Alstadt - TIX HERE
Sept. 20 - Tilburg, NL @ Incubate Festival - TIX HERE
Sept. 21 - London, UK @ The Water Rats - TIX HERE
Sept. 22 - Manchester, UK @ Gullivers - TIX HERE
Sept. 23 - London, UK @ TBA Day Of Show
Sept. 24 - Leeds, UK @ Brudenell Social Club - TIX HERE
Sept. 25 - Brighton, UK @ The Glob - TIX HERE / FREE SHOW
Sept. 26 - Paris, FR @ Espace B - TIX HERE
Sept. 27 - Antwerp, BE @ The Space - INFO HERE
Sept. 28 - Vienna, AT @ Das Werk - INFO HERE
Oct . 01 - Rome, IT @ Dal Verme - INFO HERE
Oct . 04 - Madrid, ES @ Villamanuela Festival - TIX HERE
Oct . 05 - Vic, ES @ La Cava - TIX HERE

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