Monday, September 22, 2014

Scott Low Kicks Serious Arse on The Dead & Alive Series, Vol. 1

When we last heard from Scott Low it was the sad news about the band Efren hiatus, where he promised we would hear more from him soon, well soon is here, not one to sit on his laurels, Scott is slinging hard and fast with these three badassery rockers and we hear him loud and clear on The Dead & Alive Series, Vol. 1
The live material was recorded at Fiery Ron's HomeTeam BBQ in Sullivan's Island, SC in June 2014. The studio material was recorded at Firehouse Studios in Jacksonville, FL.

Our understanding is Scott plans a new installment every month for the rest of 2014, then will begin releasing two tracks a month! Kind of like a Digital 7" single release but through the internet not on vinyl.
With an  upcoming Scott Low "The Southern Bouillon LIVE" album and a Solo EP (yet to be named) that will be available on CDBaby and iTunes so stay uptodate with his social media portals!

Scott will easily surpass 200 shows in 2014 solo, with band or as a sideman! Go Scotty Go!

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