Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Bigsbys - Goodwill Suitcase

Alex Smith- Vocals/Guitar
Russell "Dick Bigsby" McClendon- Bass
Nick Odom - Drums
Brad "Sheenis Bigsby" Hobson- Lead Guitar

The legend goes, on the bands first out-of-state tour The Bigsbys lead singer Alex Smith purchased an old suitcase in a Goodwill store in Beaumont, Texas for $3. During the tour he discovered the lining of the suitcase was filled with old money. Lots of old money. The tour concluded and the money was spent but the suitcase has accompanied the band to every gig since. Serving duties as merch case, pedal board carrier and an actual suitcase, it's always nearby.
Everythings bigger and better in Texas including apparently suitcases. Goodwill Suitcase is jammed and busting the seams with songs well suited for traversing the open roads with your cares left behind like so many empty bottles.

Two time Couch By Couchwest Alumni they performed 'Don't Look Back' this year.

Goodwill Suitcase Tracklist:
1. Don't Look Back
2. Crazy About You)
3. All You Got
4. Keep You Waiting
5. Hallway
6. No Trouble
7. The One
8. Every Time
9. Don't Be Mad At Me
10. Train CIty Blues

Stream six songs from Good Will Suitcase below and purchase the album via Lone Star Music.

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