Wednesday, April 30, 2014

RELEASE DAY! The End Men - Odds & Ends

When the staff at Couch by Couchwest receive The End Men’s yearly submission the collective response is…. The End Men…THE EFFIN’ END MEN MAN! With good reason, Matthew and Livia deliver the goods. With two stellar releases under their belt ‘Build It Up’ and ‘Play With Your Toys’ the duo have garnered praise from many quarters.  They’re latest release ‘Odds And Ends’ drops today, a collection of songs toyed with past and present but not released, the band polished them up all shiny and new with a collaboration of a wide array of international artists and friends. Showing their chops at diversify their sound and exploring their own limits (which seem boundless at this point) Odd’s and Ends acts as an entry point for new fans and a tease of things to come for old fans.

Odds & Ends Tracklist:
The Wolves
A Storm Is Coming
Whiskey Rain

The End Men are putting together a show tonight that will be nothing short of spectacular! Taking place in one of NYC's premier venues, Mercury Lounge, they will kick off a month long tour of shows that will include a Europe Tour, make the new album available for the first time, and once again stomp the night away with a full set of music, followed by a second set as part of Killing Streets, the newest evolution to the career of the incredibly talented Matt King. Don’t miss your chance to see what it’s all about.


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