Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pittsburgh's 1,2,3 Sophomore Double Album - Big Weather

Nic Snyder - vocals, guitars
Josh Sickels - drums, percussion
Mike Yamamoto - guitars, keyboards
Chad Monticue - bass, vocals

Pittsburgh's 1,2,3 return with their sophomore double album the 20 songs leave no stone unturned for influnces, full of musical twists and turns Big Weather is truly exceptional. Available on May 27 via their own record label American Hermitage

Combining classic rock with the best elements of lo-fi soul, punk, garage and even classical music sampling, this is the first new music 1,2,3 has released since their critically-acclaimed debut album New Heaven. (2011)
After dissolving the band towards the end of 2012, they reconvened last year to complete work on the follow-up, after being inspired by dystopian movies and unpredictable weather disasters, some of which halted production on the album due to flooding in their house hence, Big Weather. The 20 conceptual songs that comprise the album were recorded on primitive gear with creaky old guitars, and nary a synth in sight. It runs the gamut from psych, to rock & roll with surfy elements, along with some vinyl sampling and narrative interludes added in to conjure certain feelings and textures.
Big Weather Tracklisting:
1. Big Weather Pt. 1
2. Leave Me In The Sky With The Lawnchair
3. Pontoon Song
4. Waiting For The Horsemen
5. Mile High Grass
6. Bus To Babylon
7. Refusal Bop
8. Shapes of Wrath
9. Fear/Pure Elevation
10. Rebuilding
11. Stone Haus
12. Porch Swing Song
13. Big Black Car
14. Big Weather Pt. 2
15. In The House of The Locust
16. When The Levee Broke at The County Fair (Free Download)
17. Strawberry
18. Faith Hill
19. Where We Lived
20. Sick of the End

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