Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Lunar Effect - Solo Release from Jon Jefford (ex DeepSeaGreen guitarist)

Long a fan of DeepSeaGreen after thier swansong album 'The Sunken Tea Party, this solo release by guitarist Jon Jefford's project The Lunar Effect has dangled in my subconcious for a while axiously waiting.
The 5 track EP harks back to a traditional production style with a modern punch and dynamic range.
Hard edged grunge meets Psychedelic, Songs Someone Better with echo laden riffs and vocals and You Come Along poundin' bass line, wild licks and anguished vocals both are solid in yer face rock numbers.
On Getting To Grips With You we're treated too some London style Grunge laced good ol' sky punchin' R&R.  Solitude grooves a 60's LA vibe with catchy verses and jangly to spare.
The acoustic Out of Mind delve's into dreamish beauty with haunting string arrangements and heart pained vocals. Well worth the wait and sent immediately to moblie listening device.

Released 17 March 2014 The Lunar Effect is available via  Bandcamp, iTunes and other major download stores, for lossless audio


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