Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Surf tinged indie rock - Jargon Party

A true DIYer Zach Lewis falls squarely into our mantra here at HQ. Originally Jargon Party was based in Brooklyn, New York  After a few years of trying to play in different live bands in Richmond, Va. Zach decided to move to New York City when 22 in 2011. Broke he started selling comedy tickets in Times Square. a cafe as a food runner. Jargon Party started out as a five- six piece band but it soon dwindled down to about two. Zach decided then to record everything himself, moved to an Island off of Portland, Maine, playing all the instruments, writing all of the songs, and recording everything himself with Dave Charboneau helping and playing the drums on the album. Lydia Velichkovski also played keyboard on "Internal Clock."

Jargon Party's debut LP of surf tinged indie rock, and catchy ear worms is available on iTunes download three tunes from the album below.

Zach joined us at Couch By Couchwest this year with “Isabella” the lead track from his debut 

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