Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Culling the Couch for Treasures Part One - Aron Blue's Bushwick Venue

I don't recall Aron Blue at previous CXCW Festivals, a fluff of the cushions to her for bringing so much good stuff this year Aron truly understands the concept of the festival bringing the masses to the couch for entertainment. Aron is a singer/songwriter and performer, her band is the fabulous Aron Blue & the Bootleggers

Throughout the week the talent rolled up to the camera at her Bushwick venue and delivered the goods!

Aron Blue and Dan Lieberman – Cold Hearted Man

Sharon Stacy – Troubled Mind (Catie Curtis cover)

Buffie Roseanne – Head High

Brook Pridemore – Who’s Gonna Build My Deathray

Kate Vargas – Throw The Devil Back

Julie Lablahblah – Untitled

Shayne Bovell – I Am Getting Old

Catie Vanderbilt – You’re Right

The Takin’ Care Of Business Band – Takin’ Care Of Business (BTO cover)

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  1. Wow, thanks so much for the love! Shooting, editing and posting those videos was the most intense 72 hours I've spent in a while, and it was worth every moment. Please do let me know when/if you ever come around Bushwick because I need to buy you a bucket of beers. Can't wait to share this link with all the performers. Thanks again!


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