Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Dead Exs - 'Relovolution'

UPDATE: The Dead Exs drop a second free single 'White Collar Crime' from the new album 'Relovolution' but you should get the whole killer album and a tee shirt though!

The Dead Exs NEW Album is here!  I have had the honor of listening to every mix, remix and tweak of this new material and believe me, where their debut Resurrection left off this album picks up and runs with it. It rips, it rocks, it shreds, it howls and gets down in your bones and rattles you. Stick it in your ears!

Recorded live in the studio over the summer of 2012 in NYC and Brooklyn.
released 16 September 2012
Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered at Flow NY by David Pattillo
Tracks 1, 3, 4 & 5 recorded by Jason Finkel at Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn
and mixed at Flow NY by David Pattillo

Cover Photo: Kristin Viens
Design: David John de Horton/David Pattillo

David Pattillo - GUITAR, VOX
Wylie Wirth - DRUMS


Guest Post by Matthew Warburton of Screaming at the Wall
Fans of "Ressurrection" will not be disappointed with The Dead Exs follow-up album, "Relovolution" If you're concerned about the new release straying from the style that got you interested in them in the first place, just listening to one of the new songs will quickly dispel any doubts you might have. These guys went back to their roots musically, and fortunately it looks like they intend to stay there for a long time.

Get Over: Another fast track that features the gritty vocals and wild guitar skills that have made David Pattillo such a distinctive figure and musician. Wylie Wirth does an excellent job complimenting David's sound and enhancing it several times over.

Get Right Time: A very enjoyable classic-rock sounding piece that's incredibly catchy. There's not much to say about it other than the fact that it's a fun song that's overwhelmingly easy to listen to, but there's plenty of solid action throughout to keep you moving.

Midnight Eyes: One of the slow jams that lets each chord sound out, with gentle drums keeping the beat, and vocals that make you feel the pain and emotion put into it. Even by The Dead Exs standards this is definitely one that raises the bar.

It's impossible to pick a favorite among the new tracks, because they are completely different types of songs when compared to one another in terms of tempo and feeling. However, each one features all the trademark sounds that have cemented The Dead Exs in blues-rock history. This highly anticipated album will deliver on all expectations, and I personally cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Here's the Relovolution single on Bang Bang Boogaloo

The Dead Exs, under the NYC label Bang Bang Boogaloo, proved with their debut album "Resurrection" that they understand the potential of truly gritty blues-rock. It's the kind of music that gets you pumped; these guys do not let up for a single second and the end result is very easy to listen to several times over. David Pattillo knows exactly what notes to hit with his voice and on guitar, while veteran drummer Wylie Wirth provides a flurry of thunderous drumwork that makes each track so memorable. I'll provide the links below so if you haven't heard their sound already, you can do yourself a favor and listen to what you've been missing out on. Any fan of garage blues will find themselves right at home with The Dead Exs, I'll single out a few songs in particular that stand out before I go on talking about their upcoming album, Relovolution.

Standout tracks on the album "Ressurection":
Track 1. More Stuff- There is no better first impression than such an amazing first track, which is arguably one of their most famous songs...and there's no debate as to why. It is a fast paced, no-nonsense song that gives you a very good idea of what you're in for right off the bat. David blasts his way through the track with some addicting riffs and the incredible timing during the verse, singing with words that bounce along with every note. Meanwhile, you have the explosive drumming of Wylie, who goes from calmly keeping a beat one second and blowing out your eardrums the next(and I mean that in the best way possible).
Track 5. Nolita Strut- This garage blues instrumental is the perfect track for the middle of the album; it's an impressive demonstration of their range as musicians. I enjoy instrumental songs that feel like they have a very distinct personality, in the sense that it is such a strong expression of the artists involved that vocals aren't a necessity. It's the kind of song that stands on it's own, and it has a lot of replay value to it.
Track 10. Gone- "Resurrection" features a fair amount of good slow songs, but Gone is by far the most sobering of them all. It maintains the grittiness that makes The Dead Exs so endearing, but it also has a sort of deliberate clarity that makes you understand the feeling song before you really know what it's about. It's an excellent closing song in such a well-rounded album. You can hear whole album in its entirety here:

Includes immediate download of Relovolution in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

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