Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A desert blooms in Brooklyn - Golden Animals

A desert blooms in Brooklyn, Golden Animals are Tommy Eisner - Vocals / Guitar and Linda Beecroft - Drums / Backing Vocals who met on a sidewalk in Brooklyn, recorded the ‘Do the Roar! EP released Aug, 2007 an alt-country/folk psychedelic flavored with a tinge of burlesque 4 song EP, and then headed west to the desert to house-sit for Gordon Kennedy, author of ‘Children of the Sun’. Returning from the desert, Tommy’s vocals sound like he ingested peyote and Jim Morrison’s soul. In May 2008 they released the album ‘Free Your Mind and Win a Pony’ an eleven song excursion into a 60’s time warp, produced by Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, Blonde Redhead).
They now have a new album 'Hear Eye Go' due out Oct 30th and will be available for download / vinyl pre-sale. The first single ‘All Your Life’ available as a digital download for a buck. Definitely looking forward to this release and will certainly order it on vinyl.

Listen to two new tracks - Most My Time and The Letter

‘All Your Life’ Video

I saw them preform at The Bowery Electric at The Dead Exs  Resurrection CD release party and was mesmerized by the groovyness and shear abundance of music from just the two of them. I haven't been transported to those places in my mind like that in a long time. This band has captured a sound that for to long was relegated to obscure underground radio.   

The Steady Roller from ‘Free Your Mind and Win a Pony’ also included on the Bang Bang Boogaloo NYC Rock n Roll Comp which as lots of other goodies, if you haven't gotten it yet, well get it
Golden Animals - The Steady Roller.mp3

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