Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September - Feel Bad For You

Here's your monthly Feel Bad For You mix from the eclectic group of blogoshere muso's you've come to know and love. Get it. 

 1. Title: Young Blood Artist: Black Pistol Fire Album: Big Beat ’59 (2012) Submitted By: @mikeorren Comments: Saw these guys open for The Scabs in Austin a couple months back and thought they were great. Songmanship takes a jump in their new album– first time I heard this, I swore it was an old favorite.

2. Title: Everybody’s Devil Artist: Some Dark Holler Album: Hollow Chest (2012) Submitted by: Corey Flegel – This Is American Music

3. Title: One Time Thing Artist: Michael Chapman Album: Rainmaker (1969) Submitted By: Truersound Comments: Had the joy of meeting the man and seeing him perform at a private party recently. He sat on the porch with an amped acoustic, no vocals….and proceeded to blow us all away.

4. Title: Miénteme Artist: The Moonstones Album: Fuzz, Farfisa y Fiesta (2011) Submitted By: BoogieStudio22 Comments: These guys started following me on twitter. I found their Bandcamp site ( and was floored by their retro 60s sound. Instant fan! About half the songs are in Spanish, the other half in English. I finally found a label in Australia where I could buy their CD (and got a couple of samplers too).

5. Title: Wanted Artist: Town Hall Brawl Album: demos (2010) Submitted By: hoosier buddy Comments: “I remember when called me up, asked me out to the laundromat, playin’ pool on the dry cycle, can’t have more fun than that. Never told anyone your secret, even though I know you told mine. I could never do that to another; some things should always be protected.”

6. Title: There’s More Pretty Girls Than One Artist: Ricky Skaggs & Tony Rice Album: Skaggs & Rice (1980) Submitted By: @philnorman Comments: Been doing more duo gigs lately, and there’s not many better bluegrass duo records to study than this one. Also, girls are pretty.

7. Title: Like A Drug Artist: Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside Album: Dirty Radio (Deluxe Version) (2012) Submitted By: Bryan Childs (Autopsy IV) Comments: Ding a ding dang my ding a long ling long. Also Submitted By: @popa2unes Comments: I’m Hooked

8. Title: Define A Transparent Dream Artist: Olivia Tremor Control Album: Music From The Unrealized Film Script Dusk At Cubist Castle (1996) Submitted By: Ryan (Verbow at Comments: RIP Bill Doss.

9. Title: Missing You Artist: Chris Knight Album: Little Victories (2012) Submitted By: Simon Comments: Not made a bad album Mr Knight and his new one is no exception, best of the plugged in releases so far for me.

10. Title: Coax Me Artist: Sloan Album: Twice Removed (deluxe reissue) (1994) Submitted By: @scratchedsoul I loved Sloan when they first came out, but then I hated this record when it was originally released in 1994. It’s absolutely grown on me over the years. I always loved the line ‘I think Consolidated’s OK, It’s not the band I hate, it’s their fans.’ That line definitely applied to Consolidated at the time and has applied to many bands since.

11. Title: For A Time Artist: Guster The Face Buster (G.F.B) Album (year): G.F.B (2011) Submitted By: annieTUFF Comments: Well, is it that time again? September? Already? The start of fall is upon us? We could still go to the lake right now and take a dip during the middle of the hot day, but by the end of the month I bet we’ll be wearing sweaters and eating only foods made with pumpkin. Is the pumpkin thing just me? Maybe… Anyway. Back to music. Part of fall is feeling a little bummed, summer is ending, stuff is dying, its starting to get darker in the morning, but you’ve got to embrace those feelings…and then punch them in the face. So, this month I’m embracing the bummer. Next month I’ll continue my fall tradition with the punching my bummer in the face. For now, I’ll introduce you to my brother…Guster The Face Buster.

12. Title: Bible on the Dash (featuring Hayes Carll) Artist: Corb Lund Album: Cabin Fever 2012 Submitted By: Rockstar Aimz Comments: Corb Lund and Hayes Carll (and Todd Snider) are among the few songwriters still following the long tradition of using humor in country music. This song is one of the highlights off of Lund’s new album.

13. Title: New York Artist: Sex Pistols Album: Never Mind The Bollocks (1976) Submitted By: Bowood Comments: this popped up on my iPod, the whole album is just a middle finger to everyone and everything. 

14. Title: Best Song Everrr Artist: Wallpaper Album: Ultimix 181 (2011) Submitted By: tincanman Comments: I’m jush wanna say I love you FB…FMB…shit…FBFUCKY peoples. Yesh, I’ve had a few brwskiiiiiiiiiis ha haha, but thatsh not it. No, I shwear, I just love you. all. Video is the NSFW version:

15. Title: Storms (Fleetwood Mac cover) Artist: Matt Sweeney & Bonnie “Prince” Billy Album: Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Fleetwood Mac Tribute (2012) Submitted By: TheSecondSingle/Beldo Comments: My love for soft rock is no secret to those on ACT. This earnest, stripped down cover by one of my favorite duos brings out the beauty and songwriting perfection that has made so much of Fleetwood Mac’s material age so well (and shine through the admittedly dated production). Now if Matt and Will would make a follow-up to Superwolf…

16. Title: If Money Talks Artist: Jason and The Scorchers Album: Rockpalast – Hamburg Germany (1985) Submitted By: toomuchcountry Comments: I couldn’t let the recent passing of Scorchers’ drummer Perry Baggs slip by without some sort of trib. Two songs written by Baggs – White Lies and If Money Talks – were also two of the most iconic for the band and were staples in their setlists. R.I.P. Perry.

17. Title: Take The Fall Artist: Elliott Randall Album: Take the Fall (2007) Submitted By: Cowbelle Comments: New favorite SF Americana artist

18. Title: Calgary (Live at Triple J Studios) Artist: Bon Iver Album: Live at Triple J Studios (2012) Submitted By: Slowcoustic Comments: I know the crowd around here doesn’t always give the time of day to Mr. Vernon but I thought I would be the softie who provided a Bon Iver track to FBFY. I like this version of Calgary as it is one where Bon Vernon uses his actual speaking voice to sing and leaves a lot of the ‘signature’ falsetto-style singing out of the equation. And I live in Calgary…so, there is that.

19. Title: I Am The Cosmos Artist: Chris Bell Album (year): I Am The Cosmos (1992) Submitted By: Trailer Comments: If you don’t like this song, I probably don’t like you (much).

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