Thursday, September 20, 2012

OC Music Awards 2012 best new artist winners Jeramiah Red

Members Wes Dickson: Vocals. Guitar.
Ian Cullen: Guitar. Vocals.
Tim Miller: Bass.
Matt Pleskacz: Drums.
Travis Ruiz: Harmonica. Percussion.

Scott Jones who I hooked up online with awhile back when he was in the band Miserable End continues to stay in touch as he puts together his next endeavor, shot me a message yesterday, 'Hey David did I ever tell you about my step brother Travis Ruiz band Jeramiah Red?'
Yowza! these guys Rawk! But don't take my word for it stick it in your external auditory meatus! Listen to a couple songs here, and on soundcloud. Then get thier 2011 EP 'Ghost Tracks from the Getty' available for purchase here or on soundcloud.

OC Music Awards 2012 best new artist winners Jeramiah Red. The band was also nominated for best song (for “Can’t Help Myself)” best blues, best country/Americana and best rock.
“All the different genres, from Americana to blues to rock, we got in all of those,” Cullen says, scratching his head. “Maybe we really are all three of those? From now on when people ask us what we sound like, we’re going to say ‘blues, rock, Americana.’”

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