Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Popakazooza 2012 Volume 1

Al-a-ga-zam and ballyhoo Ladies and Gentlemen, toddlers and tweens, Get your tickets here for the first annual Popakazooza extravaganza!
We have red-hot, spicy, saucy, sizzling entertainment for you all, music, dancing and drinking.  Dare de do’s, feats of strength,  sword swallowers, jugglers, side shows,  freak shows, diving horses, mud wrestling, and rides. Corn dogs, bacon on a stick, Philly pretzels, cotton candy, candy apples, funnel cake, BBQ, Beer gardens and Bourbon gardens, delectable treats from around the world.
See death-defying performances by musicians with their fiddles, drums and axes.  They eat and drink and sing and dance all while balancing careers. Watch them!  Sing along with them! Dance with them!

Well, if I had my dithers and the money of Smithers there would be a real Popakazooza and these are some of the bands I would invite, in the mean time you know the deal, click arrow to play, right click save as to download individual songs, or get the whole crazy clown car here And remember if you like something find the artist portal and support.

The Amboys - Ashley Meets the Wolf
Courtesy Tier - Buddy Casey
Eric Rhame - Cheap Cigars & Gut String Guitars
Roadside Graves - Double Feature
Black Jake & The Carnies - Farmer Had Him Rats
Brown Bird - Fingers To The Bone
Revolver - Get Around Town
She Keeps Bees - Gimmie
Blackwater Jukebox - Hangman Two-Step
Isaac Hoskins - Hitchhikin'
Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson - Mad About You
Don Ryan - A Mouse in God's Country
Maxim Ludwig & The Santa Fe Seven - Nothing At All
The Bailey Hounds - Oh My Demons, How They Wander
The Imperial Rooster - One Click Away (From Judgement Day)
Justin and the Salty Dogs - Streetwise
The Dad Horse Experience - Tella Me Lord
April Smith and the Great Picture Show - Terrible Things
Radio Moscow - Timebomb
Jason & The Scorchers - Twang Town Blues
The Moondoggies - What Took So Long
Jessi Robertson - Whiskey and Cigarettes
The End Men - You Gonna Be Mine
Gogol Bordello - Trans-Continental Hustle
Rhythm Hawks - 13


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