Thursday, December 15, 2011

Philly's @ZELAZOWA - 5 Years After Polymorph Free Songs Give-Away

Philly's band of brothers, ZELAZOWA released their third full length album "Love is Lunacy" in April.
In celebration of five years since the release of Polymorph a 4 song EP recorded with Grammy-winning producer John Seymour, they have offered the four songs for free download, get em while you can. And give them a 'like' on Facebook, they aren't stopping with these four.

1,000 Smiles by ZELAZOWA When the Sky Imploded by ZELAZOWA Interlope by ZELAZOWA Generation Mantra by ZELAZOWA

As an added Bonus get 'Junkie Got Soul' from their new Album 'Love is Lunacy'

Junkie Got Soul by ZELAZOWA

These four Philly guys have preformed in 48 states and 16 countries without record label support or corporate sponsorship. With that experience they took Independent to a new level, in 2008 they launched the best Independent artist resource in the world, Indie on the move a 100% free music venue database and tour booking resource.

The new album is culmination of their road wisdom, experience and maturity as a band, the songs are crisp and melodic and have that quality of technical perfection that has marked all of their albums. The highlight of the album for me is the harmonic "Junkie Got Soul" it has the sound of a homage to the great Philly Do-Wop artists of the 50's and early 60's,

For "Love is Lunacy" they teamed up with Philadelphia producer Steven LaFashia (Jealousy Curve)
Band Members: 
Bryan Weber - Vocals, Guitars
Ian Sharkey - Vocals, Bass
Kyle Weber - Lead Guitar
Terry Sharkley - Drums, Backing Vocals
"Love is Lunacy" -released 4/30/2011
"Elephants on a Mousehunt" -released 1/17/2009
"Polymoph" -released 12/1/2006
"Rest Easy" -released 2/25/2005

Give em a 'Like' on Facebook and a Follow on Twitter they are in a giving spirit this time of year

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