Sunday, December 11, 2011

On My Radar

Chains of Love

Vancouver based Indie Garage/Soul/Psychedelic. In January 2011 they released four singles and plan a debut EP release February 2012 via Dine Alone Records. You can get their new release In Between’ on the Dine Alone Records Sampler  and Exclaim has the single 'Breaking My Heart'

Felix Fung - Guitar 
Clint Lofkrantz - Bass/Guitar 
Henry Beckwith - Keyboards 
Nathalia Pizzaro - Vocals 
Rebecca Marie Law Gray - Vocals/Guitar

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Courtesy Tier

Brooklyn based Rock Duo Layton (drums) and Omer (guitar) have been playing together for the last seven years. You can download ‘Holy Hot Fire’ and ‘The Resolution’ from their web site
The Deli NYC – Meijin Bruttomesso, May 25, 2011
“The Courtesy Tier, Brooklyn-based duo and experts in the multiplication of sound, have completed their full length record, “The Resolution.” Sauntering beats and freewheeling vocal/guitar melodies of “Standing Near” introduce the bight but haunting nature of the album. A rush of distortion, recurring arpeggios, and syncopated percussion on “Rescue” transition into “Peaches” which steers “The Resolution” into a harder direction, while “Alright Mama” decelerates the record into a beautifully crafted, poignant lullaby. Light drums proceed into guitars that alternate between ringing and grungy on “Morning Run”. “Hey Bee” commences with vibrant vocals that are joined unexpectedly by sultry riffs and heavy-hitting backbeats. Howling and echoing “Calling Out” fades into the final track, “Home,” which rounds out the record, returning to the peacefully melancholy mood. “The Resolution” is a masterfully made album that balances bluesy, balladic, and buoyant.

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Root Glen
Root Glen is a New Jersey based alternative rock band specializing in upbeat, funk-tinged rock songs, and life-sized bear costumes. The band is composed of guitarist Ross Griswold, drummer Eric Blank, singer/guitarist David Moroney, bassist Andres Gonzalez, and dancing bear Glen Root.

 In June, they put out their first official EP ‘Summer’, and In Oct. they released ‘Fall’ both available for download at Name your Price. ‘Winter’ is scheduled to be released very soon for their series of 4 seasonally-themed releases. Root Glen is based in New Brunswick, NJ and performs entirely original material written by the whole band.

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