Saturday, August 9, 2014

#FREEBEE Mark and The Clouds - Blue Skies Opening

To celebrate the release of Mark & The Clouds fantastic new album, Blue Skies Opening, they’ve released the title track as a download single. Backed with the non-album track ‘I’ll Follow The Sound’, it’s yours free of charge just enter zero.
Mark and The Clouds is a London based four-piece band playing a blend of timeless, catchy and powerful pop with a twist of psyche. Evolving from Instant Flight, a band described as one of the greatest pop / rock/ psychedelic bands in U.K. of recent years, they are fronted by vocalist and songwriter Marco Magnani. 

Having performed and recorded with the legendary Arthur Brown - Brown features on two tracks on the debut Instant Flight album Colours & Lights, recorded by Gary Ramon (Sundial), Marco thought the time was right to move on a form a new band. 

Mark and The Clouds new album is full of beautiful pop rock songs and powerful ballads that will send you floating through beautiful azure skies that will leave you wanting more. 

If you haven’t bought a copy of Mark & The Clouds fantastic new album, we still have a few copies left with a bonus CD that includes 'Darkened River' and 'Are You Taking Time?' plus two previously unreleased songs from the Blue Skies Opening sessions ‘Wall Of Lies’ and ‘Lost And Spaced Out’.

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