Sunday, August 3, 2014

Elam McKnight NEW Album Made to Fall

Elam McKnight's Made to Fall is throughly enjoyable and fresh, Delta blues with a feel good Jimmy Buffet vibe like dangling your feet off a dock on a summers day the songs soothe the worn.

Elam McKnight’s latest album based on humanistic struggles has officially announced for its release July 15th, 2014- produced through his own label Big Black Hand.
“It was bound to happen,” says Elam McKnight about his new album Made to Fall. “A great deal has happened to me professionally and personally over the last 12 years of making music and these songs have had their time to wait.” 
McKnight, predominantly known as a Roots and Blues artist, has spread out sonically on his new album, with no plans of ever going back. The new album is going in an entirely new direction from his previously released works.
From lyrics to melody the tone of the album emphasizes on the struggles throughout every part of life, and the reaction. This theme was inspired by an interview he read a few years ago.
“Something struck me in an interview I read with Cormac McCarthy where he basically stated that he had little use for authors who did not deal in the truths of life. It compelled me to seriously look at releasing all of my material and not just the stuff that fit anyone else’s expectations but my own.”
His latest album 'Made to Fall' is comprised of 10 songs that come from McKnight’s own catalog. His songs range between loss, love, wonderment, and hope that are intricately wound into McKnight’s own version of American music.
“It comes a point where you just have to jump and not worry about where you land and jumping is feeling pretty good these days,” states songwriter, McKnight.

The artist has released 5 albums to date and has experienced increasing critical praise and radio airplay around the globe with each one. McKnight has also put the finishing touches on his own studio, Magic Lantern Studios, which will allow him the flexibility to make more releases directly to his fan base and the world at large.
Elam McKnight is a singer-songwriter from West Tennessee. He is an artist firmly based in the roots of his region’s Blues, Rock, and Country. McKnight’s solo debut, 2003’s Braid My Hair, was hailed by critics as a breath of fresh air in the sometimes-stale climate that is predictable “bar band” blues, while his second album, 2005’s The Last Country Store, found a spot on many blues charts internationally and in America. McKnight’s 2007’s album Supa Good earned notoriety when the opening track, “Devil Minded Woman,” was voted by fans as the Best Blues Song in the Musician's Atlas sponsored 7th Annual Independent Music Awards.

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