Sunday, November 18, 2012

Turn Off Your Television 'Wasted Time'

Vocals, guitar and other stuff: Jon Rinneby 
Bass: Stellan Lofberg 
Drums and vocals: Erik Willman 

Turn off your television is a three man band from Sweden with influences in the 60s, 70s and the 90s
Their catalog is a dreamy escape into melodic folk rock with a sweet taste of psychedelic, strong vocal harmonies and great guitar riffs and hooks it's groovy baby and I dig it.

With two new releases 'Wasted Time' released November 4th, and 'Humble Waves' released October 8th, these lads have an abundance of creativity to share. Name your price, stick it in your External Auditory Meatus and enjoy.

 There have always been something bittersweet about Turn off your television’s music. Much thanks to the Swedish weather and the over all sometimes lonely moderate way of living. To put it simple: It’s a strange and ambivalent flavor of love and displeasure that is the foundation of the band – A kind of happy feeling, but still in a way, sad. It’s delicious rockmusic that grabs hold of your guts – never willing to let go.
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The album would be a steal at any price, but you can go and download it for free. And, seeing as how it’s a shoo-in for our Best of 2011 list, we’d highly recommend you do so.” – Owl & Bear – Music blog 

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