Sunday, November 11, 2012

Atomic Honey - Operation: Moondust

Artwork by the Cosmic Garden Gate Keeper @ravenval

From the cosmic cranium ooze of love and light and blasted to the multitudes by an atomic blast traveling at the speed of light and sound, warping time and space picking up pieces of 60's peace, love and groovy and heavy doses of 70's stardust, Kev Atomic, Vertigo, and Princess Mydnite of Atomic Honey arrive in this Millenium on a futuristic Hot Rod releasing their debut LP, Operation: Moondust.  An adventurous journey of ROCKeteering fusion of mythical proportions. Listen, get lost, but fear not your guide is never far away.

Looking from afar they remind us of all of what being a member of humanity is all about, peace, otherhood, love of one another and that music is the Universal force that binds us all together on this blue marble we call home.
Available now on CDBaby After the release date, the album will be available almost everywhere worldwide, both online and at your local retailers. CD only-there will be no downloads.
Listen to three tracks from the album

  Atomic Honey - Operation: Moondust

Track Listing
1. Jupiters Shadow
2. The Visit
3. Where I Belong
4. Main Reactor
5. Sandbox On Mars
6. Shelbytron
7. Foolish Fracture
8. Hell Is Just a Word
9. Color of Mydnite
10. Passionsick
11. Staring At the Sun
12. Embrace the Heartshine
13. Ravenspeak
14. Music Heals Love Rock Prevails
15. Koufuku the Surrender

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