Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Lunar Effect - Strange Lands

Like the band's namesake, their music moves in cycles and rhythms much like all humans and living creatures. Getting signals from external sources as well as inner cues, The Lunar Effect traverse the phases and phenomenon of existence with a blend of psychedelia and primal rock.

Jon Jefford describes it thusly,
“The album as a concept is really influenced by space, time and other worlds. We were very aware of this throughout the writing and recording sessions. Everything from the artwork and music to some of the lyrics has an extra-terrestrial feel, questioning who we are. It’s no Ziggy or Floyd but for us it definitely flowed, even the title Strange Lands. That was originally from a song that didn’t make the cut, but the name stands. “Waking up in a strange land, we’ve all done it.”

Vocals/Guitar/Piano/Harmonium - Jon Jefford
Guitar - Jim Harris
Bass - Mark Fuller
Drums - Daniel Jefford

'Strange Lands' can be streamed and purchased as a download via the band's Bandcamp page

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