Saturday, June 28, 2014

Drop Top Lincoln NEW Video "Flat Black" off 2013 release Sixxx Dollar Suit

Scotty Waters - Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Casey Smart - Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Harmonica, Banjo
Chris Howard -Bass guitar, Vocals
Jack Chipchase -Drums
A band I've posted about, Drop Top Lincoln is gearing up for Casey’s (thier guitar player) returning from Afghanistan (thank you for your service) and have started booking shows again. And they wanted to release a new video in conjunction with his return, they reached out to me about The Race of Gentlemen to use some photos and footage, so I put them in touch with some of the photographers of TROG events. the video dropped yesterday and it is badass rock'n and revin', hope y'all like it and give it some shares, they're a great bunch of motor head musicans from Clifton. CO
Drop Top Lincoln official video for "Flat Black" off 2013 release Sixxx Dollar Suit.
Photography used with permission by : Heather Dobosz, Suzy Graham, Kat Johnson, and Thomas Rowe.
Footage from The Race of Gentlemen, 2012 and 2013.

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