Saturday, February 25, 2012

Popa's Rock Mix Vol 5

Time flies when you're on the run, It's been over a month since I posted a Rock and Roll comp, not that there is a schedule for these things, It's basically when the goodies I find on my internet excursions get to about 20-25 songs in a playlist, it than seems necessary to stick what I'm liking into your ear. This is volume sensitive as in turn it up to 11 and pound the steering wheel. So here we go with the particulars - Like em, support em. Click play button to listen, right click file save as, or click here and download all. And again, enjoy, spread it around and send your peeps to the artists many social portals and support!

Fort Lean - Sunsick.mp3
The Heavy Co. - The Heavy.mp3
Band of Skulls - Death By Diamonds and Pearls.mp3
Southeast Engine - We Have You Surrounded.mp3
Root Hog - Fool's Gold.mp3
Ben Kweller - Mean To Me.mp3
Sugar & the Hi Lows- See It For Yourself.mp3
Miserable End - Today.mp3
Red Hot Rebellion - Built To Rock.mp3
Dirty Ghosts - Ropes That Way.mp3
Broken Romeo - Total Stranger.mp3
Mudlow - Zane Merite.mp3
Tim Lee 3 - Long Way To The Ground.mp3
True Mad North - Damned and the Divine.mp3
Wild Flag - Something Came Over Me.mp3
Lazy Daisy - Come On.mp3
Crash Kings - Mountain Man.mp3
The Parlor Mob - Into The Sun.mp3
The Love Me Nots - Let's Get Wrecked.mp3
Black Pistol Fire - Jackknife Darlin'.mp3
Radio Moscow - City Lights.mp3
The Dirty Grindstones - Smeraldo.mp3
The Moons - Fables of History.mp3
In Cages - Queen Bee.mp3
Melissa & Paul - Summer.mp3

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