Saturday, July 16, 2011

Debut EP Release by Flor Zabala

Self described Argentine Psycho Banshee Flor Zabala has collaborated with producer David Pattillo of Bang Bang Boogaloo to release her debut EP The Zabalas 

I had the great fortune of seeing an impromptu performance of Flor with The Dead Exs at The Sulfolk, this young lady serves up a song with hot grease and lightning, there is a saying "The lady can belt out a song" well Flor uses that belt and whips the pants off a song. 

The three songs are quite simply upside your head Rock and Roll. 

Excuse Me Sir by Flor Zabala

NY City Rat by Flor Zabala

Take It Away by Flor Zabala

The prestigious Costume Nation chose the song "Take It Away" for the launch of their Fall/Winter 11/12 collection.

Costume National from Clara Cullen on Vimeo.

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