Sunday, June 19, 2011

Imperial Rooster Kickstart

This is hard for me to believe, but there are many who don't know about The Imperial Rooster, well it's time to get off the fence post and flap yer wings and crow at the rising sun! This band kicks ass! They don't only make music that's fun they have fun making and preforming it, Anything goes at a Rooster Show. Like all independent bands, a shoe string doesn't last as long as it should. Their new album "Decent People" is packed with great songs and is available for digital download on their website here. Yeah it's a digital world, but we all like to hold great albums in our greasy little hands, and this is one of those albums you'll want in you collection. Help them with their kickstart campaign to release it on CD and Vinyl  to do just that. Ok? give a little, give what you can.
Now follow me here and lets get this barnyard stomp a-going!

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