Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thursday Smells like Tune Spirit

Thursday nights are the new Friday’s. Internet Radio streaming and Pod casts abound.


The Takeover Radio Show

The top of the list out of personal bias is the Takeover Radio show on 90.3 The Core out of the Livingston Campus Rutgers University New Brunswick,  NJ Thursday Night’s 10pm to Midnight EST. Live stream on The Core FM they do not have Pod Cast as of yet, that’s a shame I would love to archive the show via Pod Cast for prosperity, as it is a show my two son’s Derek and Kevin have been DJing since 2008 except for brief solo gig’s for one semester.  They play some kick ass music, a mixture of Indie R&B, Garage, Surf, Rock, and Blues. I highly recommend stopping by on a Thursday Night and cook up some riffs. Requests are welcome..



RadioBilly with the Subculture Collective

This is an amazing Internet Radio streaming and Podcast with something all week. Wreckhouse Radio, The Gospel According to the Barstool Preacher, Lonestar Texabilly Radio, Billy,Billy,Billy but I’m dealing with Thursday nights here, Like I said these are available in Podcast so there is absolutely no reason not to bleed your ears.

The Psychobilly Garden Party with Nate The Psychobilly Gardener

Nate runs the Psychobilly Garden Party. The party is a psychobilly and punk and radio show, created in the style of a black cabaret. It combines the music with B-movie monster comedy, talking animals, time travel, 50s-style sci-fi and just about anything sick, funny & weird that Nate’s imagination can dream up. The music is the harder edge of Psychobilly with a heavy, punk feel. The punk takes from all the subgenres whether Oi!, classic UK, US Hardcore, but focuses on the energy of the music. Any interviews with bands are based around the idea of a desert island………Read More

Nine Bullets Radio

A Streaming Radio Show from 88.5FM Tampa Fla. Thursday Night’s from 10pm – 11pm EST                                                  Live stream:   Ninebullets radio walks the well worn dusty streets of the Americana musical scene by day stopping at every drinking song and murder ballad along the way. By night ninebullets radio isn't afraid to get it's feet muddy traipsing through the Mississippi delta looking for the jukejoints featuring tattooed kids putting their own punk skin on a genre made famous by greats like T-Model Ford, Pinetop Perkins & R.L. Burnside. The show is archived for one week after it’s original air date and is available for streaming here. Visit the Blog Nine Bullets Radio for more info and Updates, guaranteed to be a good time

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