Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Things Down Under

I discovered Amanda Fucking Palmer one late night on twitter, when she found this young kid on the streets of San Fran and bought him into her house where she did a impromptu web cast of the kid playing some amazing piano. It was intimate and spontaneous, and I was hooked on this eccentric character I knew nothing about named Amanda Palmer: 

Her new single Map of Tasmania from her forthcoming album "Amanda Palmer goes down Under" is a wild ride to regions few have traveled. (For those of you outside Australia “map of Tasmania” is Australian slang for a woman’s pubic region.) 

Amanda MacKinnon Gaiman Palmer[2] (born April 30, 1976), known professionally as Amanda Fucking Palmer,[3] is an American performer who first rose to prominence as the lead singer, pianist, and lyricist/composer of the duo The Dresden Dolls.[4] She has since started a successful solo career, and is also one half of the Evelyn Evelyn duo. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanda_Palmer

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