Thursday, February 6, 2014

Umbrella Bed - Refill

Dutch Buddha - Drums
Franknos - Bass
Hellrocket - Vocals & Trumpet
DJ Waycool - Saxophone
Eva Washburn - French Horn
O-Joya-San - Trombone
Al Teagarden - Trombone
Rude Boy Bandit - Guitar

Umbrella Bed are a band out of Minnesota who offer something different  On their new EP Refill they offer something of a mix between ska and 2tone. There’s plenty of horns and upbeat tones offered throughout the 5-song EP 

The band’s primary line up has rotated some over the years but has remained largely intact. Lead vocalist Hellrocket, drummer Dutch Buddha, trombonist Al Teagarden and ska’s (if not rock and roll’s) premier French Horn player Eva Washburn have been around from day one. Trombonist O’Joya and saxophonist DJ WayCool have been with the band nearly a decade completing the “Horns of Mass Destruction”. Recent additions Franknos on bass and Rude Boy Bandit on guitar have added a new youth movement to a band on the tail end of its second decade proving there is a lot more history to come. 

The EP "Refill" released on Madbutcher Records. The first of a 3-EP cycle.

REFILL cover art

1. Wish That It Would Stop
2. Gone Away
3. Got It Wrong Now
4. Two Tone Monster
5. Dubb Away

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