Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fox and the Bird - Darkest Hours

Fox and the Bird's music is borderless, combining music from all compass points with the sounds of many winds beautifully converging in harmony.

A folk-pop band with gang vocals and layered harmonies, Fox and the Bird is a choral collective of rotating songwriters and singers. The band’s characteristically rich, up-beat orchestration is hitched to banjos, accordions, ukuleles & fiddles to form the foundation of a sound reminiscent of hard times and high hopes. 

Fox & The Bird's latest album, Darkest Hours, is a sorrowfully appropriate title for an unapologetically bare-bones, brutally honest folk album. From lyrics chronicling the confusion of lost love in “Ashes” and “Bend” to commentary on the darkly violent tendencies seen in human nature as presented in “Habit” and “Valley,” the album laments hardship, poverty, death, loss… those moments in life when the darkness seems most impenetrable. 

Fox and the Bird continues to produce and self-release its albums, touring and always committed to music that is made on back porches, in living rooms and on the streets.

Released 14 January 2014

1. When I Was Young 00:42
2. Wreck of the Fallible 04:04
3. Saints 02:54
4. Valley 03:38
5. Habit 04:21
6. Dallas 03:32
7. Heading East 02:45
8. Bend 03:45
9. Ashes 03:45
10. Counterfeit 02:09
11. Rough Darlin' 04:33
12. No Man's Land 03:18
13. Dreamers 03:57


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