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Download Party Dolls 'Sweetheart Moon' from Love Wars Baby

Photo by Brian Manley

The District Attorneys frontman/songwriter Drew Beskin, and fellow District Attorneys members Frank Keith IV and Walker Beard along with Jeremy Wheatley (Crooked Fingers), Tedo Stone all This Is American Music alumni comprise the group Party Dolls and also features members of Moths, Ruby the Rabbitfoot. Getting a slew of premieres and downloads, Rolling Stone 'Indigo'  Pop Matters "Love Wars Baby"  American Songwriter 'Vampire' and the attention of blogs, Beat Surrender, Bucket Full of Nails, and Hear Ya to name a few you should check in with regularly, you can bet this will be on many end of year lists (we're talking end of year lists already? You betcha)
Party Dolls - Love Wars Baby is available on iTunes and Spotify Amazon

While The District Attorneys took their time, casually working on a new album (due out in late 2014), frontman/songwriter Drew Beskin amassed dozens of new songs he wasn’t sure could—or even should—fit with The District Attorneys’ sound. “Everything I was writing at the time,” Beskin says, “was dark, honest, therapeutic and true.” During this prolific period, Beskin began to bottle lightning—writing disarmingly intimate, emotionally direct tunes in an attempt to transcend the pain he was feeling in the wake of a bad breakup.
"These songs had to be written,” Beskin says. “At first, they were just for me, and for a long while I did not care if anyone else ever heard them. They poured out of me. They were about turning a negative into a positive."
Some time after the heart-wrenching period that birthed these songs faded into the rearview, The District Attorneys were invited to play a Valentine’s Day show with Southern rockers Ponderosa at Athens, Ga.’s Caledonia Lounge. Only half of the District Attorneys were available, but instead of declining, Beskin approached musician friends Tedo Stone and Jeremy Wheatley (Crooked Fingers), who joined him alongside District Attorneys bandmates’ Frank Keith IV and Walker Beard. Together, they learned Beskin’s newer, more personal songs, and Party Dolls was born.

With this simpatico group of players, the arrangements came instantly, effortlessly. Within a month’s time, the band made its live debut on Valentine’s Day 2013. The show was so well-received that Party Dolls decided to record an album, working on it in spurts over the course of a year whenever the band was able to gather for a session at bassist/engineer Frank Keith’s home studio in Athens.

Party Dolls’ debut, Love Wars Baby, is slated to drop on Valentine’s Day 2014, exactly one year to the day from the band’s first show. Though still peppered with first-rate rockers, the new album emphasizes acoustic-guitar ballads backed by a big drum sound and sweetened with a healthy dose of cello and piano. Beautiful and haunting, Love Wars Baby captures the more reserved, thoughtful side of The District Attorneys and Tedo Stone. It’s a vehicle for the prolific Beskin’s honest, inventive songwriting, showcased ably by Keith’s skillful engineering. With songs like the anthemic title track and the female-harmony-anchored “Indigo,” with heartbreaker “A Firecracker” and the epically catchy sea-chantey singalong “Sweetheart Moon,” this album is an impressive and revelatory debut from start to finish.
 ”These songs timestamp a very specific point in my life,” Beskin says. “For better or worse, I have a record I’m very proud of.”
Download 'Sweetheart Moon'

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