Monday, February 24, 2014

Mainland's Debut EP Shiner

Photo by Sasha Lytvyn
Jordan Topf
Corey Mullee
Alex Pitta
Dylan Longstreet

New York rockers Mainland’s debut EP Shiner drops tomorrow Feb. 25th infectious garage rock and rowdy energy abound on the four song EP.

"It wasn't planned... It was about getting out of the city. Following the untimely loss of his father, Jordan Topf, singer/guitarist of Mainland, scraped together enough money to buy a van and set out with the band on a tour across America. It was an escape from everything that had encapsulated the last four years. Each night a new city, new faces, boundless freedom, a creative turning point for the band’s modern take on late 70's New York Proto-Punk. Despite personal troubles and uncertainty about the future, the group poured their inspiration into their new set of songs. While on tour in Austin, the band met Jim Eno (of Spoon) and began discussing plans to record the new songs at his studio Public Hi-Fi."

Upon the band's return to New York, unsure if their plans would come to fruition, the band continued to write and demo tirelessly. They chose 4 songs, their most furious, energetic, and unrestrained to date. When their plans to record at Public Hi-Fi with Jim were confirmed they set off once again for Austin Texas, this time by plane. The result is Mainland's new EP, Shiner. Recorded onto tape, the band expands their sound, tying together concrete drums, punchy garage-rock guitar riffs, rhythmic synthesizers, and driving bass lines into catchy rock and roll songs.

Often compared to artists such as The Smith Westerns, Television, and Palma Violets, the sound of the record reflects its various birthplaces; Downtown New York, (the birthplace of the band), Austin (the birthplace of the recordings) and California (the birthplace of the majority of the band members).

Shiner EP Tracklisting:
1. Savant
2. Shiner
3. Leave The Lights On
4. Heaven

If you're a trotter, Mainland's daytrotter session recorded Aug 27, 2013 is live and raw. The session includes two previously unreleased tracks:

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