Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Joel Gion (of The Brian Jonestown Massacre) DEBUT LP Apple Bonkers

After spending a long and strange career as the legendary “Tambourine Man” for the Brian Jonestown Massacre, tambourinist/percussionist Joel Gion has emerged with his debut LP “Apple Bonkers”, an armload of his own music done his own way.

“With all the BJM members now living so spread out across the world, I found myself increasingly missing the album making process. This feeling of disconnect is what kick started me into exploring my own song writing process and turned out to be a hugely important piece of self discovery. No more time for my beloved laziness. So I made my own music with a with bunch of friends in the studio coming and going and having a great time creating. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised by this album.“ – Joel

The fruit of Gion’s sonic explorations, “Apple Bonkers” (a co-release with The Reverberation Appreciation Society and The Committee to Keep Music Evil), showcases Joel’s talent as a songwriter, singer, and guitarist. While Gion’s depiction as the side-burned, hep-talking, sunglass-wearing star of the 2004 rockumentary “Dig!” casts a long shadow, the ten tracks of “Apple Bonkers” shows a different side of the jester of psych-rock’s highest court. Over 10 tracks we find Joel at his most creative and captain of his own ship.

As might be expected, there are plenty of classic 1960s sounds, but the sonic palette spans decades, colored by timeless touchstones of Joel’s record collection – shoe-gaze, post-punk, psychedelia, alt-country and mod/beat music, it’s all there – as are a healthy collection of great guest musicians, including several current and former members of the BJM and other west coast friends.

Co-produced by current BJM members Collin Hegna and Rob Campanella, “Apple Bonkers” also features contributions by Jonestown members Daniel Allaire and Matt Hollywood, along with former BJM members Jeffrey Davies and Miranda Lee Richards. Also along for the ride: Pete Holmstrom of The Dandy Warhols, Ryan Van Kriedt of the The Asteroid #4/Dead Skeletons and Jason “Plucky” Anchondo of the Warlocks/ Spindrift.

Much more than getting by with a little help from his West Coast friends, “Apple Bonkers” sees Gion leading the trip to a psychedelic land of honest-to-goodness rock and roll.

Joel’s fellow bandmates aren’t the only ones who have left Gion’s San Francisco neighborhood, and the album title “Apple Bonkers” is in reference to a city changed by an influx of tech startups and higher rents, for better or worse. There’s a serious tone to the album that might surprise some listeners, shaded by the sometimes insane realities of the world in the year 2014.

But Joel has a message for listeners in the final track of the album: “Don’t Let The Fuckers Bring You Down” and invites us to live a little, leave the bullshit behind and enjoy some rock and roll sunshine with your friends.

Apple Bonkers will be released August 18 (UK) / 19 (US) via a co-release between The Reverberation Appreciation Society and The Committee To Keep Music Evil. Available in LP, CD and DIGITAL formats, and a limited edition cassette on Burger Records.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Black Jesuses DEBUT Self Titled LP

Sam Bey and Dave Rosen (members of Asbury Park's The Parlor Mob) have a side project of Bluesy Garage-Rock, The Black Jesuses, they've been creating a stir in the Jersey area with their on stage electricity and steller instrumentation, Sam is a drummers drummer with perfect style and dynamics to Dave's shreddin' guitar slinger presense. Trading vocals back and forth they compliment each other and lay out a plethora of range at times full on rocker and others ballad crooners.
They're long awaited debut LP is finally here, and it's a burner well worth the wait.
Download Tidbit
To order the physical colored vinyl, please visit

Monday, August 18, 2014

First Listen: Brown Shoe - Lonely Beast Part II drops tomorrow 8/19

Going on ten years as a band Brown Shoe, Ryan (vocals & guitar), Aaron (guitar), Bryson (bass) and Landon (drums) have four records, too many whiskey drinks and a half-dozen nationwide tours between them. They grew up in Folsom, California, a stone’s throw from the prison. They currently live in Los Angeles.

Brown Shoe’s fifth release, Lonely Beast, is a full-length album broken up into three EP’s, the first Lonely Beast Part 1 released in April, the second of which will be released on August 19, 2014. The idea behind breaking it up into three parts is a convoluted one; you could chalk it up to the changing landscape of digital media (or whatever), or to the shrinking attention span of the general public. You could call it a “think piece,” says Bryson, “(just kidding.)” But really, when the idea presented itself, the final point was this: Why not?

The band has always been pulled in two directions: simple and smart, and loud and big. Three EP’s means three concentrated sessions of recording and producing, rather than one long, protracted one. It means circumventing the pressure to release ten or twelve songs all at once simply because that’s the format an album was supposed to adhere to not that long ago. The band will write these new songs because that’s what’s exciting to them. It’s a way for them to be excited pretty much all the goddamn time, and to make music for people that feel the same.
Free Download 'Reservations' on Pure Volume

Stream Lonely Beast Part Two

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Cabana Kids DEBUT Single “Just Let Me Know”

New York based THE CABANA KIDS have been creating quite a stir on the local scene. Playing much-talked about shows at venues such as Cake Shop, Pianos’ and Brooklyn Bowl, the group have just launched their debut single, “Just Let Me Know” dreamy vocals with a surf vibe it's a perfect song to longingly say good bye to your summer love.

The single is off their highly anticipated upcoming Fall EP release, The Birds & The Bees, which will be out via Small Plates Records.  Songwriter Joseph Lee says of The Birds & The Bees:
“The topics touched on things that we all experience in life, particularly, the yearning for love, heartbreak, the romanticization of a better place and even death. Being able to provide the different views from a guy or girl's perspective made it all the more interesting. It allowed for a call and response style which easily translated to harmonies as well.”

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Briana Layon & The Boys Debut LP Touch and Go

Brianna Laylon first smacked me upside the head back in April '12 when NYC Supergroup The Bowery Bangs performed The Stones album "Some Girls" Brianna took the lead on the title track and ripped heads off necks with her powerful voice and bodacious presense.
Long a fixture in New York City's club scene, Brianna and the Boys deliver hard driving rock and roll with a uninhibited gusto to thier dedicated fans. Now they embark on smackin' the whole world upside the head with thier scrapy straight forward rockin' self released debut LP 'Touch and Go'

Monday, August 11, 2014

Blackwater Jukebox release video for Eastside Girls ft. Sadie d’Marquez

Los Angeles bases gypsy punk band Blackwater Jukebox have released a video for their song, Eastside Girls featuring Couch By Couchwest alumni Sadie d’Marquez of Sadie and The Blue Eyed Devils.  The video was directed by ThreadKillers and it gives you a peak into the fun and lively times of that which is Blackwater Jukebox. The video is their love letter to their neighborhood, and homage to Woody Guthrie who walked the same hills back in the 20s.
The song is off their recently released self titled album which is available on iTunes here

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