Friday, September 19, 2014

Christian Bland & The Revelators, NEW Release The Unseen Green Obscene

The Reverberation Appreciation Society is proud to announce the release of the third LP from Christian Bland & The Revelators, entitled The Unseen Green Obscene, out Sept 22 (UK) / 23 (US) on vinyl, CD, digital download and a cassette co-release with Burger Records.

22 MON - London, UK - Red Gallery (Bad Vibrations)
23 TUE - Glasgow, UK - No Mean City Fest - O2 Academy
24 WED - Leicester, UK - The Musician
27 SAT - Liverpool, UK - Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia
28 SUN - Southend-On-Sea - Railway Hotel
16 THU - El Paso, TX @ Lowbrow Palace
17 FRI - Phoenix, AZ @ Last Exit
18 SAT - Santa Ana, CA @ Moon Block Party
19 SUN - Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo – PART TIME PUNKS w/ Lorelle meets The Obsolete and Burnt Ones
21 TUE - San Francisco, CA @ Brick + Mortar w/ BURNT ONES22 WED - Santa Cruz, CA @ Crepe Place w/ Burnt Ones
24 FRI - San Diego, CA @ The Hideout w/ Burnt Ones

Allah-Las Sophmore Release Worship The Sun

Huge fan of these LA psychsters, there's such a groovy vibe on this sophmore release from start to finish, the whole ride's a trip worth repeating. Make's this ol' man feel young in mind and spirit.

Allah-Las met while working at Amoeba Music, a key destination for music lovers in Los Angeles. While this experience helped shape their sensibility, their sound was forged in an underground basement where they came together as a band. They began gigging in Los Angeles in 2008, refining their live performance, and finally released their first 7” single Catamaran / Long Journey in 2011. In 2012, they- began their relationship with Innovative Leisure, releasing their first self-titled album, Allah-Las, anchored by their second single Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind) / Sacred Sands. The release was met with critical acclaim and the band toured extensively in the States and abroad before going back into the studio to record their follow-up.

Allah-Las' second album, Worship The Sun, expands on the sound established by their maiden effort, honing their fusion of West Coast garage rock and roll, Latin percussion and electric folk. As richly textured and timeless as a Southern California beach break, the songs are evocative of Los Angeles’ storied past. Beatniks, artists, surfers, nomads. Remnants of a bygone Sunset Strip. Golden tans and cosmic sunsets. One can feel the warmth of the sun, but the band deftly avoids the kitsch so often indulged by lovers of these things. Hints of Byrds, Love, Felt, and those who follow are threaded into the tapestry.

LA’s seminal Ferus Gallery – the home of Wallace Berman, Ed Kienholz, Ed Ruscha, Billy Al Bengston – is paid homage in an eponymous instrumental, broadening the scope beyond mere sea, surf, and sand. The lyrics reveal a new maturity; reflections of a band that has grown together through experiences on the road and in the studio. Worship The Sun is at once the perfect soundtrack for the greatest surf film never made and for a golden hour drive through Topanga Canyon. Yet, while grounded in the Southern California experience, the appeal of the album is not limited by locale. It is a teenage symphony to the sun, for all those who know its grace.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Neil Young asks 'Who's Gonna Stand Up'

I love a good protest song and lordy know there's much to protest these days, We can always count on Neil Young to deliver a timely rant against the man. Neil asks the question 'Who's Gonna Stand Up' I'm putting my faith in this current generation to rise to the occasion and occupy the vacuum of disenfranchisement we all feel but we've seem to have been beaten into subjugation. Lets get angry, let's stand up damn it.
The release is to draw attention to documentary Under The Influence, which filmmakers say focuses on the impact big business has on the environment and the way policies are influenced by global corporations. See the film's trailer here.
Young performed the track on his recent tour and the live recording was lifted from his New York show in January.
On his website, Young posts a link to the documentary’s website along with the film’s synopsis and urges fans to find out more.
He says: “People, please go to this link and share. This is how I feel about what is going on in our world.”
Young has penned several protest songs in the past, his last being 2006’s Living With War, which was aimed at then US president George W. Bush.
Earlier this month, two of Young’s colleagues let it slip his next album would be called Storytone and would launch on November 4.

The Modern Folk - American Mountain

Josh Moss, the DIYer behind The Modern Folk project released the follow up to last years American Cave, entitled American Mountain, which I'm guessing is the secret location of the cave. On this release Josh continues to play a plethora of intruments, guitars, bass, banjo, mandolin, melodica, drums, vocals but is accompanied by Bre Taylor on vocals and Kate Dwyer on fiddle adding a element of fun and spontaneity perfect for Josh's interpretation of traditional Folk songs, hence the name 'Modern Folk'  the album features three originals, The Holler, The Mountain and Nightmares show an ability to push boundaries while retaining the essence of Appalachian folk tales. There's a unique freshness here that's hard to pinpoint but you can feel it as much as hear it.
Josh is also a fellow blogger highlighting the many DIYers pursuing their passions on a shoe string and with any means at their disposal who deserve to be heard. 

The Call Live Tribute With Robert Levon Been of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Robert Levon Been (Son of former lead singer, Michael Been): Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Tom Ferrier: Guitar, Vocals
Jim Goodwin: Keyboards, Vocals
Scott Musick: Drums, Vocals

Robert Levon Been of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club pays tribute to his late father's music with an unforgettable live performance leading his father, Michael Been's, legendary band The Call on the live album The Call Live Tribute With Robert Levon Been (available September 2nd, 2014 via Label Records/Lightyear/Caroline).

The  live album features Robert Levon Been honoring his father, along with The Call's original members Ferrier, Goodwin and Musick, with an unforgettable performance at the famous Los Angeles venue, The Troubador. Experience this one-of-a-kind event with The Call Live Tribute With Robert Levon Been, available on DVD+CD Deluxe Set on September 2nd, and also on CD, 180 gram double vinyl, and digitally (with 5 extra bonus tracks).

Track List: 
1. Everywhere I Go
2. I Still Believe
3. I Don't Wanna
4. Floating Back
5. Into The Woods
6. Turn A Blind Eye
7. Oklahoma
8. You Were There
9. Red Moon
10. Let The Day Begin
11. Modern Romans
12. You Run
13. The Walls Came Down
14. Uncovered

While The Call (Michael Been, Tom Ferrier, Jim Goodwin and Scott Musick) got their official start in Santa Cruz, CA in 1979, its roots as a band go back to Michael Been's childhood in Oklahoma City, where seeing Elvis Presley perform on television changed the course of his life. That early interest in musical performance inspired his career, from the very beginning performing at the age of seven on local radio and television programs, to his eventual move to Chicago at the age of 16, where he was drawn into the blues scene by Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson, and Junior Parker. Been eventually made his way to California, where he connected with drummer Scott Musick, as well as Tom Ferrier (guitar, vocals) and Jim Goodwin (keyboards, vocals) to form The Call.

Despite having their initial demos rejected by all the major labels, the band found themselves in demand by nearly every major producer in America. The Call's debut album was ultimately produced by Hugh Padgham (David Bowie, The Police) and the band were suddenly opening acts for major artists including Peter Gabriel and Simple Minds.

The Call were signed to Mercury, Elektra and MCA, and released seven critically acclaimed albums over the next eight years, featuring several iconic hit songs including "Let The Day Begin" and "I Still Believe (Great Design)." In 1997, after a seven year break, the band reformed to release the album Heaven & Back, before disbanding once more. Michael Been began serving as sound engineer for his son Robert Levon Been's band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, but passed away from a heart attack while working backstage at the 2010 Pukkelpop festival in Belgium.

Now after twenty years, The Call reunited at legendary Los Angeles venue The Troubador and gave an incredible live performance with Robert Levon Been stepping into his father's role and joining Musick, Ferrier and Goodwin for the one-of-a-kind event. For Robert—who grew up going out on the road with The Call anytime he had a break from school—the performance offered the chance to honor his musical legacy and perform nearly a dozen and a half songs from the band’s esteemed catalog. And for original members Musick, Ferrier and Goodwin, the show allowed them the opportunity to honor their friend and their own musical legacy while revisiting a bond they thought was gone forever.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sixty-Nine Dollar Guitar DEBUT EP $69GUITAR!

Brad Fielder - guitars, vocals 
Kelly Stevens - drums, background vocals 
Sam Deskin - bass, background vocals 
David Wilson-Burns - tuba, piano, tambourine, background vocals 

From Oklahoma, Sixty-Nine Dollar Guitar have one of those sounds that are distinct and original, when you hear them you know who you're listening to right off the bat, much like The Imperial Rooster, they sling from the hip no holds barred, this is thier music and they own it. Quirky retro mountian music, it's a boot-stomper you'll enjoy immensely!

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