Monday, March 2, 2015

The Holy Gasp - The Last Generation of Love (LP)

Photo by Decipher Images

They are too far and few between, the envelope pushers, stretching genres, laying down new trails in the wilderness of modern music. While they may not appeal to all they're the kind of band moving things ever forward and influencing others to follow, And when they come along they should be embraced and rejoiced.
The Holy Gasp incorporate's a tasty stew of punk, jazz, gypsy noir, and folk protest seasoned with funky rock presented with nonconformist uninhibited bravado and gusto that dares you jump in the padded wagon with them.

As for myself, I get it, I dig it, after all, I'm just an eye twitch away from madness myself.

With a beatnik's groove, a Hunter S. Thompson attitude and an Allen Ginsbergesque frontman, Benjamin Hackman, Toronto's The Holy Gasp are fierce, edgy, focused and relevantly rousing with heavy political overtones, The Last Generation of Love has something to say and a mad hatter's way of saying it with battle cry's like 'The Man Ain't Groovy' leading the unwashed hordes to battle and the sitting on the flotsam and jetsam gloating of 'Stomp Out The Man'
A couple fun numbers, the twangy honky-tonking 'A Boy And His Pony' is as good a lulla-bye as Dino's "My Rifle, My Pony And Me" and 'A Daily Affirmation' should get you moving and grooving and make any day better. 'All The Animals' 'How I get Down' and 'The Last Generation Of Love' are the meat in this stew musically and promulgating wise. 'Bedbugs' is the vehicle for the band to jump completely into madness.

Members: Benjamin Hackman (vocals, percussion), Daveyoso (drums, percussion), Sebastian Shinwell (electric guitar, vocals), Christopher Weatherstone (alto saxophone, flute, vocals), James McEleney (upright bass, vocals)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Psych Down Under, The Grease Arrestor - Volume 2

Rick - Guitar, Vocals - Ryan - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Sam - Guitar, Bass, Vocals - Liz - Organ, Percussion, Vocals
Josh - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Three guitarists, two Bassists, two Percussionists, five Vocalist, one Organist and one Drummer = The Aussie Psych five-piece, The Grease Arrestor.

The Grease Arrestor describe their second album, 'Volume Two' as a pastiche of different ideas and influences, including the 60s golden era and elements of 90s movements, blended with their signature jangle freak-outs, drone, jivin' rhythms, gazey fuzz tones and fuzz groove combination with 12 string guitars and 60s organ wails.

"Volume Two" is available as a free/name your price download below. All proceeds will go towards a vinyl pressing of the album, a worthy cause.

Tell all the people that you know, Couch By Couchwest 2015 Submissions are open!

In it's 5th year, the original on line Music Festival Couch By Couchwest!  The event where the only hipster is you and the beers are cheaper, the only port-o-potty you need is a bed pan if you so desire, No badges, lanyards, bracelets, parking fees, ticket lines, babysitters, dogsitters, expensive beer prices, or crappy hotel rooms…just the sweet comfort of your own couch. Where to all the slackers meet? #CxCW. 

As for myself, I start preping in February by reducing my number of showers incrementaly until I'm down to zero in one week, I visit La-Z-Boy's website dreaming of venue upgrades. I'll do kitchen experiments to create the perfect snacks, browse Taco and Burrito recipes. and check all my electronic gizmos for proper operation so that when the folks at Couch By Couchwest invade my venue I'm ready as Reddi-wip.

Here’s how it works, artists and bands from all over the globe record a video performance for them from their living rooms, kitchens, porches, bathrooms, you name it…pretty much anywhere but a stage…and the CxCW crew post them during the week of the festival (March 15th to 21st, 2015). 
So now it's your part, spread the word, tell all your musician friends, about it and coax them to participate. All talent welcome, any genre just send them to the submissions page
And tell your friends friends, your siblings, your folks, your distant relatives, there are contests, prizes and rewards, it's a fulll frontal participation event for everyone. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Rising from the ashes, Broken Romeo's 1991 Album Mother Mercury

Rising from the ashes, Broken Romeo found a preserved master copy of their 1991 album Mother Mercury. Previously only available on cassette tape. They've remastered it and released a new digital version of the analog original. The youngster were rockin' it hard and still do! Searing guitars, pounding beats, teenage angst. 90's Rock and Roll baby! Dig in, dig it! Name your price.

Listen to 2/3 Goat Single Jenny from upcoming NEW Album Let It Rise

Photo By JareJaffery Photography
Neil Nunziato (Drums) Jason Liles (Bass) Annalyse McCoy (Lead Singer, Mandolin, Guitar) Ryan Dunn (Lead Singer, Guitar) Ryan Guerra (Fiddle) 

New York’s 2/3 Goat will release their 2nd album Let It Rise later this year produced by Scott Sharrard guitar player and music director for Gregg Allman. You can Pre-order and sample a few songs via their Pledgemusic page. They've shared a new single "Jenny" the story of Jenny Wiley. Wiley was taken prisoner by Native Americans and escaped. 
Based out of NYC 2/3 Goat is an up and coming powerhouse of  Alt-Country Rock and Roll 

Julian Fulton - Reverie EP

A prolific songwriter Julian Fulton, is always working on something. whether with his band The Zombie Gospel or solo he's likely to pop up anywhere in the Jersey area, guitar slung and restless. His acclaimed EP Heart & Arms drew high praise from The Deli Magazine and Speak Into My Good Eye, You Don't Know Jersey named him one to watch if 2015 and with good reason, impressive technical skill of many genres and intelligent songwriting this young man stands tall in the tradition of  Jersey musicians.
His latest release is a collection of home-recorded demos rarely heard unless you're a Zombie Gospel groupie, including "Paris, Idaho" from Speak Into My Good Eye's 24-Hour Songwriting Challenge.

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