Monday, February 24, 2014

The Black Feathers - Debut Strangers We Meet

Based out of Gloucester's eclectic music scene, The Black Feathers, Sian and Ray have blended their talents together since '04 when they formed "Just to Annoy Ray" with Trevor Short, Rupert Irving, and Matthew Aldis a band with quite a unique sound, fusing elements of folk music from around the world with rock and funk. Moving on in '08 the duo kicked around the UK playing cover songs in clubs and pubs, looking to spread their feathers, Sian put pen to paper and started writing vocal melodies and words and Ray laid down some guitar rhythm's and harmonies, the result is a powerful, dynamic duo tapping a mix of Americana, old English folk with beautiful crafted lyrics and mesmerizing vocalization's.
"I find writing vocal melodies and words a very personal thing", says Sian. 
Back in Janurary '13 we brought you their demo EP and the Malmesbury Acoustic Sessions, now the long awaited 'Strangers We Meet' was released today it is well worth the wait, for this recording they have recruited some extra players to fill out the sound: mandolin, resonator guitar, percussion and electric guitar. Their beautiful harmonies and concise instrumentation bring a warmth and familiarity like raindrops falling on a tin roof, mesmerizing and hypnotic.

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