Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thorn & Shout Self Titled Debut

Link Crowsfoot - Voice, guitar, banjo, bells, drum, shruti box, harmonica | Sofia Crowsfoot - Voice, viola, banjo, guitar

Sofia was formerly known as Squinch Owl who's 2010 Homeward Bound release is still estential listening, and Link Crowsfoot formerly of Thy Courage Quail are now Thorn & Shout. Combining Sofia's infectiously unique vocals and Link's enchanting Appalachian snake charmer voice integrated with great story telling and skillfully played abundance of intruments this is one fine folk album you will find yourself listening to again and again discovering something different everytime.

Sofia explains, “We strive for balance and equality, but sometimes it is difficult to reconcile our extraordinarily different approaches to music. Link became a musician in order to give his words a vehicle; I became a musician in spite of words, or rather because I felt that music was my language. I have started to write with much more intentionality, and I find that to be very rewarding. The key is balancing the rational aspect of music with the purely emotional or instinctual aspect- of course, this will take a lifetime, but it is something to work towards” Thorn and Shout is an anagram of north and south

Thorn & Shout performing at the Dreamship in Portland, ME

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