Monday, February 11, 2013

Anders & Kendall - Wild Chorus

Kendall Meade and Anders Parker

New album, Wild Chorus, out Feb. 2013 on Nine Mile Records

We're On Fire Babe

Wild Chorus will be released on February 18th and is available to pre-order now from &

The singer/songwriter duo of Anders Parker and Kendall Meade join forces to produce a real lovely, harmonic, and utterly endearing little beaut of an album with their debut CD. Although Parker’s dry croak neatly contrasts with Meade’s sweet delicate alto, they still nonetheless meld into a single pleasant and satisfying sound. Moreover, the thoughtful songwriting mines a nicely low-key line in quietly affecting introspection. The songs for the most part mosey along at a perfectly kicked back clip, with the gradual tempos and subdued beats chugging by in a soothing and engaging manner. The basic sound falls into the twangy’n’tuneful country-folk realm, with a dash of pop and a smidgen of rock tossed in on occasion to keep things lively and interesting. An extremely impressive and promising debut. 

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