Saturday, February 9, 2013

John Wilkes Boothe And The Black Toothe

Myles Holt, Ben Melton, Paul Blackwell

John Wilkes Boothe And The Black Toothe is here to assassinate your blues and chase away the crushing despair of modern life.

The Toothe plays a unique brand of stripped down, super high energy acoustic folk rock. With a sound that's often difficult to pin down in a few words, the band has been described by some as a macabre Simon and Garfunkel, folk noir, and as the catchy two-headed lovechild birthed from an orgy between the Mountain Goats, Ween, The Avett Brothers, Leonard Cohen, and Morgan Freeman. Catchy melodies, morbid yet tongue-in-cheek lyrics, and endless vocal harmonies are all staples of the band's sound, as well memorable, intimate, and super energetic live shows. Come take a listen, and see why so many people in and around the Asheville community have been turning their heads when they hear the name John Wilkes Boothe and the Black Toothe!

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John Wilkes Boothe & The Black Toothe Perform Talons For Couch By Couchwest 2012

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