Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Whispering Tree - New EP 'The Escape'

Eleanor Kleiner, Elie Brangbour
Photo By Daniel Murtagh

Another fantastic New York folk duo, classically trained vocalist Eleanor Kleiner and French bassist Elie Brangbour 'The Whispering Tree' have traveled the world on an adventure that began when the two met at  the London Center of Contemporary Music in 2004. Combining a unique brand of folk/rock with all my favorite ingredients, sutry, haunting female vocals, great story telling and imagery with skillful musicianship. 

On April 16, they will release The Escape EP recorded live at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn over three days, with Chris Schultz on drums, Clif Jackson on upright, Elie on acoustic guitar, and Clifton Hyde (who played on the 2007 EP) on electric guitar.
They are offering a free download of 'No Love' from the upcoming EP

New video for the new song Where Have You Gone

Go Call The Captain

Following a seven month gig in Macau they released their self-titled EP

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