Saturday, February 9, 2013

NEW! The End Men - Play With Your Toys

Matthew Hendershot - vox, guitar, bass, other
Livia Ranalli - drums, percussions, toys, vox, other

Pack your bindle kids, run away and clean your mind. The End Men’s new album ‘Play With Your Toys’ kicks off like a Coney Island barker luring you into the tent not for the change in your pocket, but for a peek at astonishing wonders as they shred, bend and shape rock & roll to their will, from the first track with its Winkie Guards ‘Cleaning Your Mind’ intro and Matthew’s gruff declaration ‘It is important that you know what you are about to see is only a show.” we know we have just stepped off our familiar train stop into their world and ”You may leave here just a little bit deranged” and boom, like a canon barrage  Livia’s kit explodes with bursts of shrapnel flying into Matthews sonic fuzz intro, we’re pulled deeper into the tent enticed to experience something profound and unusual. 
The album highlights all the things that make The End Men unique and cutting edge, with its carnivalesque rhythms and beats,  Livia’s trademark powerful percussion diversity and Matthews fluid guitar style and Al Jolson meets Tom Wait’s and Captain Beefheart vocals. It recreate's that sense of voyeurism one gets seeing them live, they seem to do some sort of secret ritual dance you’re viewing from a darkened glen as lanterns and moonlight glitter between the shadows after which you know you just witnessed something mysterious and beautiful.

New Record "Play With Your Toys" out Feb. 14th 

Go ahead, download the new single 'Wrong Way Street' for free and don't look back!

Get it! 8 dolla!

2/9: Cleveland, OH @ Wilbert's
3/20: Brooklyn, NY @ Muschmore's
3/22: Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project
3/23: Columbus, OH @ Scarlet & Gray
3/25: Carbondale, IK @ PK's
3/26: Lawrence, KS @ Frank's North Star
3/27: Chicago, IL @ Quincher's
3/28: Canton, OH @ Buzzbin Magazine HQ
3/29: Rochester, NY @ Sticky Lip's BBQ
3/30: Albany, NY @ Valentine's Music Club
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