Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's here! @CouchxCouchwest Website Launch! #CXCW

From an undisclosed location somewhere in cyberspace a cavalcade of talent walked the hallway carpet in all their regalia.  As the energy efficient florescent lights shone brightly upon them, they made their entrances in grand style for the launch of the Couch by Couchwest website

Too broke to go to Austin? Can’t get out of work? Hate dealing with traffic and large crowds? Maybe just too lazy to release yourself from the couch’s sweet sweet embrace? Have we got good news for you! Couch By Couchwest is the online music festival that takes place the same week as that other (couch deficient) music festival you may have heard of, you know the one.

CXCW is the online SXSW festival alternative. During the week of March 11-18, 2012, musicians from around the world submit videos recorded on a couch, porch, anywhere but the stage, for our enjoyment from the comfort of our living rooms. We hope to bring together as many people as possible who are stuck home while all their friends are stuck in the crowds of Austin, TX. So crack open a beer, crank up the volume, and enjoy the couch!

Musicians: Please upload your videos and send the links to cxcwest at gmail dot com. We love all types of music and will post everything (unless offensive, of course).
Those in the crowd: we want to see how you spend the CXCW festival! Send us pics of you partying on the couch!
Couch by Couchwest 2011: http://cxcw.tumblr.com/
Find us on Twitter @couchxcouchwest
Contact us at cxcwest at gmail dot com.

Below is the flyer. Share it on facebook, on twitter, on blogs, on forums, and we especially encourage you to print it out & post it around your town. Help spread the word. If there is band you want to see perform at this years CXCW…tell them and point them in our direction. We take all video submissions, but the video must be unique and for the CXCW festival.

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